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slunkerslunker Posts: 346
edited February 2010 in Workshop
putting on my new sram force groupset tonight but had a problem getting one side of the bb cups on. One side was fine but the other the tool just didn't seem to fit on it. Are the sram gxp bb cups different from shimano?? Will shimano bb's work with the sram crankset?



  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    The Shimano tool should fit OK. If it fits one side it will fit the other so you may be doing something wrong.
    Shimano BBs will not work with SRAM cranksets. The LH bearing is a different internal diameter on SRAM.
  • slunkerslunker Posts: 346
    cheers john t, it's weird then that it fitted one side and not the other??
  • rakerake Posts: 3,281
    are you turning it the correct way.
  • slunkerslunker Posts: 346
    turning fine, the tool just doesn't fit as well. only just fits one side but fits fully on the other.
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