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Delamear today

CatfishCatfish Posts: 141
edited February 2010 in Routes
I met up with "lil_biggs125" today and went to Delamear, alot of people have slagged the place foe being a bit easy but if you are a newbie like me it's o.k. The trails arn't very well marked and a map didn't help but we found our way round in the end. Riding conditions varied from hard packed dirt to what can only be described as "slop"a mix of wet sand,leaf matter and pine needles and water with a bit of frozen rutted mud thrown in now and again for good measure.
It was my first proper ride since getting my carrea furry at x-mas and i am hooked.
Having a company on the ride made it far more enjoyable so thanks "lil_biggs125"


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