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morleyman200morleyman200 Posts: 513
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where abouts in france (region) is the best for Xcountry riding.

what places have the best selection of routes. would like Xcountry mixed with downhill tracks, mainly cross country though, if you get me. anything like aversion of dalby forest in france would be great.

will be driving there, so not too far south.

thanks tom


  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    Try this site for routes, go to traces VTT, plenty of info and maps galore.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • its in french :shock:
  • StefanPStefanP Posts: 429
    Google Translate

    Either that or learn French ;) I went to the Massif Central last year, beautiful scenery, relatively unmarked tracks but it's all pretty rugged and suitable for MTB, there are guide books in the area which will guide you directly there. In Ambert there is a mountain bike shop which gives MTB tours in some of the local campsites, at least last year they did :D . There might be a couple ski lifts, but as much as the Alpes :)
  • There is so much of France that's fantastic for biking, you can't really say one place. I'm obviously biased towards the Alps, but also found some top trails in Massif Centrale (like StefanP), Provence, the Alps Maritime by the south coast has some great riding and so does the Pyrenees. Although maybe a bit of a long drive....

    Wherever you're thinking of, try contacting local MTB companies or the Tourist Office, they are generally very helpful with info.

    VTOPO produce excellent route guides for loads of regions. However, I think currently the only one available in english is to the Portes du Soleil. We've use some of theirs in southern france though and they will direct you to some great riding. If you understand some french try those.
  • I really enjoyed Dalby and am looking for some similar xc in France too. I put my topic up before reading yours but the replies you've had are v useful! See the replies to my topis for a place in Brittany that may suit you.

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