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Fractured pelvis

BruisedBallBruisedBall Posts: 3

Just wondering if anyone else out there has ever fractured their pelvis?!

I fell off my bike almost 2 weeks ago; fell with a big whack on my left side and bagged myself a sacral fracture and a buckle fracture to my pubic rami!

If this means anything to anyone, it would be great to hear about how you healed, when you re-introduced weight training/exercise etc.

I'm 28 and usually very active and fit - in the gym, dancing, cycling 10 miles a day etc. and feel completed isolated and frustrated; stuck at home and unable to do any of the things I love! When will it get better?!

I just want to get back on my bike!!



  • gtchunksgtchunks Posts: 105
    I fractured my pelvis 1 week before xmas and was in the same shoes as you being fit cycling loads was building up good base miles then i came off on the ice and wacked my left side hard .
    Dont know about you but the pain was bad and movement was restricted i was confined to six weeks non weight bearing ,i was getting fed up because i didnt seem at first to be making a quick recovery but by the 4th week i came on leaps and bounds now passed 6 weeks and now on 50% weight bearing for another six weeks but i now have no pain it doesnt hurt when i stand on it and have just started physio i have been told i will be off crutches in 4 weeks time and can start doing some gentle cycling on turbo
    Keep your chin up i know how depressing staying at home when your used to exercise all i can say as soon as a month passed i started feeling tons better hope this helps and hope you get back to normal asap cheers andy
    ps i too left help on this board when i was in hospital so if you go back a few pages you will see the answers people left for me
  • Thanks Andy - good to hear someone with similar experiences! Although I'm obviously sorry to hear about your fall!

    I'm actually feeling a bit better now, though I'm still in pain, off work, hobbling etc. and my physio tells me my pelvis has rotated out and up to the right - so I'll be lopsided for a while yet! He has said it's easily fixed though, but didn't want to do too much at this stage.

    If you don't mind me asking, where are your fractures? Are they non-displaced?
    I'm unable to use crutches due to my left arm being injured as well. They didn't X ray but were convinced it was just muscular - despite my not being able to put any pressure/weight on it whatsoever. Really don't trust them about that one!!

    Hope you're soon fighting fit and back on the road! I'm really hoping I can make the London to Brighton ride this year... over ambitious?!

    Best Wishes,

  • gtchunksgtchunks Posts: 105
    Sorry about delay we had a wedding this weekend
    I had a non displaced fracture which was lucky as i didn't need to have a operation my fracture was of the acetebular
    I entered a few sportives this year so hope i can do at least one ,i hope you can do your ride sure you will
    Hope you mend soon all the best andy
  • rettahrettah Posts: 13
    Hi, just found this thread.

    I fractured my acetabulum 7 weeks ago. Sounds very similar to yours GT. I've been starting to put weight on it and seems to be going well.

    I was wondering how you guys were getting on with your recoveries and if everything was going to plan and what my expectations should be. Fortuately I started with a high level of fitness, running 20 miles and biking 50 miles off road a week, so am hoping my recovery may be fairly swift.

    Any information/encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
  • mobilekatmobilekat Posts: 245
    Main thing to do is not to over do it at first, as you have a acetabular fracture I would also strongly suggest getting onto an glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement, as this will help protect the cartilage in the hip joint- find one that gives you lotsa active compounds for your pennies!
    Avoid running for a while- concussive exercise will not help the cartilage repair and you want to do what you can to help that else you will be looking at a new hip in a few years!
    Swimming is good!

    Good luck, and don't be afraid to take a long time to get back to where you where.
    Wheeze..... Gasp..... Ruddy hills.......
  • suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
    I didn't notice the date of the thread at first, skim read gtchunks post and thought they were just getting back to normal now :?
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