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Single speed suggestions please

The good doctorThe good doctor Posts: 307
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I'm in need of advice please. I would like to get a single speed bike for commuting to work, a 16 mile return trip which is pretty flat. I have been fitted for my road bike and so ideally I need a top tube lenght of 59 cm with a seat tube angle of 74.5-75.5degres. Are there any single speeds which fit the bill.
Any suggestions would be very useful



  • Custom built bob-jackson or maybe a mercian.
  • stickmanstickman Posts: 791
    If not a home-build I would get a Pashley Guv'nor, no idea of it's dimensions though.
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  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    Clearances - tyres, 'grds -, rack mounts? Narrow down the field a bit!

    And of course if s/s NOT fixed, any will do - with a chain tensioner!
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  • Thanks for the responses although I'm not sure I understand the last. Just looking around on the web for a few hours and I haven't seen anything over 74 degrees with a 58 + TT. I'll be the first to admit all the geometry stuff confuses me slightly.

  • Tricross Singlecross?
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  • edhornbyedhornby Posts: 1,780
    59cm top tube and a steep angle seat tube aren't that common, current bike designs are (fashion-led) directed towards compact geometries...

    if you want to buy off the peg (straight from the shop) then you'd be best to go to all the local bike shops with your measurement sheet and say 'what have you got'. There will be some good, some poor and some uninformed advice, but it'll be worth doing the rounds - if for no other reason to have a wander round lots of shiny stuff in the shops :)

    however the good doctor makes a salient point - given your requirements you may be best going for made to measure, (ok, if you're on cycle to work scheme this may not be an option) as you'll get the right frame and probably for a price not too different to a shop machine
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