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Best for longer sessions, turbo or rollers?

G-WizG-Wiz Posts: 261
edited February 2010 in Training, fitness and health
I've been thinking about getting some rollers for a while now as it seems that some people find longer sessions on rollers more bearable than on a turbo.

By long I mean around 90 minutes.


  • I would certainly say a turbo becuase its easier to distract yourself with other things, however with rollers i find i have to concentrate on just staying up right - it just feels so much longer :)
  • stevewjstevewj Posts: 227
    I find rollers better due to having to concentrate more - time seems to go by quicker and I feel that it helped me stay upright when commuting on 23mm tyres in the snow over winter - my balance had improved a lot. Turbo is much better for hard indoor intervals - I use both about equally.
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