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Giant Anthem and max tyre size

golfgtdudegolfgtdude Posts: 23
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Just placed my order for an Anthem 2010 X2 yesterday. Amongst the deal I managed to get a pair of Maxxis High roller tyres (2.35) thrown in.
Reading one of my magazine reviews last night it said the largest supported tyre size in the rear is 2.25 and 2.3 in front (how do they measure that!). Arrgh, so does that really mean this tyres won't fit?


  • Try it. Also it takes into consideration mud clearance as well, so when your tyres get clogged with mud, which they will do in this weather, as the tyre rotates the clogged mud will be scrapping against your frame! - Not good!

    Personally i wouldn't put High rollers on an Anthem anyway. The bike is designed for XC use, whereas the highrollers-2.35 aren't really meant for that.
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  • I have to admit it's not something i normally consider when i fit tyres to a bike.

    I had some high rollers on another bike and they were considerably narrower when compared to the likes of some schwalbe fat alberts of the same size.

    I'll see how it goes.
  • adun1408adun1408 Posts: 123
    Ive got 2.35 high rollers on mine just now, there's loads of room
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