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5th Element Air Shock

Kona_and_cakeKona_and_cake Posts: 47
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I puchased a Santa Cruz Blur Classic frame with a 5th Element Air Shock.

Now I've completed building the bike I've got round to setting the suspension up for it's maiden ride but find the 5th Element shock doesn't hold the pressure in the negative chamber. When removing the pump from the negative chamber valve I seem to loose the pressure, but don't have this problem with the main chamber.

Looking at various reviews on line the comments range from 'throw the shock in the bin, it's awful', or 'take time to tune it in properly and it's fine'.

Maybe it's a faulty or worn seal but any advice would be great before I spend even more money on this bike by way of a new shock, and if so any recommendations?
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    check the valve core is OK.

    they unscrew internally and can be replaced with the insides of a car valve.

    make sure the pump is OK and yes air will escape from the PUMP as you remove it.
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