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Changing wheels

denty85denty85 Posts: 48
edited January 2010 in The workshop
Giant Escape M2 - as an absolute beginner, what parts would be required to change the wheels over to a second set.

ie. what happens with the brake disks and the gears on the back wheel (if they're called that!!) etc?



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    You will probably need to shim one set of rotors so they sit in the same place as the others.

    You may have to adjust the gears every time you swap.

    Then you could have problems with old chains on new cassettes, and having to bed in the discs.

    Not really worth it if all you want them for is a different set of tyres.
  • denty85denty85 Posts: 48
    sounds like a lot of hassle. prob easier to change the tyres then! cheers
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