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Trailers and slotted drop-outs?

JimfrandiscoJimfrandisco Posts: 210
edited December 2009 in Tour & expedition
Does anyone have any experience of using an axle mounted trailer with slotted drop-outs? I'm not planning on running single-speed and pulling a trailer but the frame i'm considering has slotted drop-outs as well as mech hanger so can run single or geared - but wondering if it's possible to pull a trailer still?
I know you can get tug-nuts etc to keep your axle in place when set up single speed to stop the axle pulling forwards....but what about the other way around?!




  • El GordoEl Gordo Posts: 394
    I'd have thought the backwards and forwards force on the axle from the trailer would be minimal compared to the pull from your chain so if the wheel dosn't slip when pedalling it should be ok.

    But... if you've got slotted dropouts are you using wheel nuts rather than quick realease? Bob trailers at least attach using an extended quick release so that wouldn't work anyway. You may be better off with a chainstay mounting trailer.
  • Good point - i hadn't thought about the quick release/bob nut thing. i haven't bought the frame yet but the more i look at the more having sliding drop outs is unnecessary - not exactly going to single speed with a trailer or full panniers!
    Cheers for the advice
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