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i have had a couple of pm s saying suggestions for my site. :lol: (yes it was rubbish because the site provdier crashed. sooo after many long hours i got the site to work properly. i have changed the look of the site. its not finished yet but hey. :D


  • looks cool dude..... 8)
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  • It's looking good, I like it.
    The welcome note is particularly good I think :lol: Though I would like to point out some errors :oops:
    "natural beauty of the area" also "we are hoping if WE can get enough..."

    Other than that though, it's good. I hope it achieves what you want it too :D
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  • ramemtbersramemtbers Posts: 1,562
    thanks for the tips. it is no where near finished. i am finding mistakes all the time. i will upload some more pictures and stuff to make it more exciting.
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