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Bealach Mor

All HandsOnEvents including the Bealach Mor and Beag open for entry on the 1st of December. Last year our Bealach Mor event was sold out within 4 hours so please keep an eye on the website for news about entries 2010...



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  • Steve928Steve928 Posts: 314
    Last year our Bealach Mor event was sold out within 4 hours

    I think that you may be thinking of the 2008 event, Henry?
    Last year Mor entries remained available for a surprisingly long time (I still have my Sportident receipt dated a week after entries opened..).

    I'm sure you wouldn't want to give a false picture :wink:
  • Hello

    What happenend last year was that when entries opened there was such a rush for places the online entry system crashed.

    It took us a few weeks to work through all the duplicate entrys from this and whille we did this places became available.

    I would strongly advise anyone really keen on entering the event not to miss the first day of entries or they may be dissapointed.


  • Steve928Steve928 Posts: 314
    Look, if you want to promote your event (in your first and second ever forum posts) then go ahead, but don't twist the truth..

    The Mor last year took almost a month to fill up and there was no 'crash' affecting the entry process.
  • rabkrabk Posts: 182
    Sorry to correct you here Steve...........

    There was a crash when the system opened up last year, I should know as I spent a very frustrating 1 hour and five minutes (I have my receipt for when the transaction went through) continually trying to log in with no success. It was deeply annoying. I think everyone tried to log in at the same time when entry opened up at 12 noon on the 3rd of December and it therefore became impossible to do anything.

    Hopefully the glitches have now been ironed out
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