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I read this report ... ects-23838 with interest and await the programme.

I would add that we bought my daughter what would be considered a BSO (Shogun Jackal) which she has now ridden frequantly (including 2.5 miles to/from school daily for the last 2 years and frequant trisp to the Leamington 4X track) and while its heavy (despite the ally frame) and clunky its been very reliable, rear wheel bearing has just needed rebuilding (and as the axle shaft is bent slightly that will need replacing) and it now needs a new BB (my spare was 113mm it needs 122) and the 'tourney' rear mech has a little more play than is ideal, I really can't complain at the level of service it has given for £80. So they aren't all stinkers!

So anyone else have any thoughts?



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