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Hub Gears: Mending Punctures

AddaAdda Posts: 7
edited November 2009 in Tour & expedition
Evening All,

Having recently acquired a hub-geared bike, I was wondering whether you had any tips on mending punctures and removing tyres on bikes with hub gears (i.e. without having to disconnect the cable running into the hub mechanism from the bike?)



  • GyatsoLaGyatsoLa Posts: 667
    It depends on the hub, but most hubbed gears will have a quick release mechanism for the cable - usually you need to adjust to the lowest gear (depends on hub type, refer to the manufacturers website) before unclipping the cable. Rohloff hubs have several different types of quick release. The SRAM one I have is just a simple little hook.

    The other issue is what sort of chain tightener you have, there are a variety of different types - e.g. Eccentric Bottom Bracket, sliding drop out, external chain tightener, etc., can only advise if we know which one you have.
  • GotteGotte Posts: 494
    When I had a Sturmey Archer 3 speed years ago, I used to put some tape around the threaded toggle, so it couldn;t be adjusted past the point where it was aligned properly. Just unscrewed the adjuster when changing the wheel, then adjusted it up to the tape when putting it back.
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