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charge spoon what colour?

jadamsonjadamson Posts: 644
edited July 2010 in MTB general
ok so im gonna take the plunge and upgrade my bike and i really want a charge spoon saddle after riding on one and hearing so many good things :D but i have a problem! what colour?!? :?

its going to go on a on-one 456 in blue and it will have a black raceface post.

i was thinking black or brown. white would be sweet but I haven't got any other white components :?


  • defflerdeffler Posts: 829
    white :wink:

    which one you goin for? cromo or ti?
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  • MonkeypumpMonkeypump Posts: 1,528
    +1 for white.
  • jadamsonjadamson Posts: 644
    probably cromo or is an extra £12.50 worth it for the Ti?
  • smegurmumsmegurmum Posts: 181
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  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
    jadamson wrote:
    probably cromo or is an extra £12.50 worth it for the Ti?

    I think it probably is, not so much for the weight difference but the ti rails on the knife seem to help comfort, it has a nice bit of give in it. Not that the standard Spoon's not comfy but if I get another Spoon, it'll be the ti one.

    I have a white Knife and a black Spoon, the Knife's stayed pretty clean but it does show damage very badly, even a small rub ends up looking pretty bad, whereas the dark colour ones don't show it as much. The brown is really, really nice if your bike can carry it off, too.

    Oh, just to complicate matters, Gusset sell the exact same saddle but with more colour options. And they're AWESOME :twisted:


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  • jadamsonjadamson Posts: 644
    Northwind wrote:
    jadamson wrote:
    probably cromo or is an extra £12.50 worth it for the Ti?
    .....The brown is really, really nice if your bike can carry it off.

    yer i sorta want the brown its just whether not the bike can pull it off... if it can its an instant winner :D im hoping with black components and black revelation fork the brown will suit :?
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
    Black goes with anything, on the other hand. Whereas the fake fur goes with nothing, and so will suit your next bike as well as your current one, and won't clash with your forks etc any worse than it would with any other colour of forks :lol:
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  • jadamsonjadamson Posts: 644
    oh stuff it! i only live once! im going for Ti and they only come in white and brown so i guess brown it is! :D

    white would be great if i had white forks but i have 2010 rockshox revelations in black :? ill get brown unless someone persuades me otherwise
  • wordnumbwordnumb Posts: 847
    jadamson wrote:
    ok so im gonna take the plunge

    A £20 saddle constitutes a plunge?

    The tartan design above is fantastic.
  • a 5.99 chain tool was a plunge for me
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  • MombeeMombee Posts: 170
    Has anyone ridden one of the 'leopard-skin' Gusset R-series saddles... the R-Series and Spoon saddles sound great, and this spotty version has gotta put a smile on people faces. ... more than just bikes.
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  • yoohoo999yoohoo999 Posts: 1,089
    I've got the ti in white and blue, bought from Wiggle just recently.

    Really comfy and pretty :)
  • jaysonjayson Posts: 4,606
    Ive got the white on my bike, looks the dogs with my forks and grips just enough of a highlight to offset the red.
  • DubzyDubzy Posts: 123
    I have a brown Spoon on my bike and think that it creates a subtle but classy look.
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  • rubins4rubins4 Posts: 563
    I've just got a grey spoon saddle on my blue 456, and it goes well with my now grey, once white grips. The white runners go with the white slim jims too. Must add, its a great seat once you got it set right. ... t=12613038
    Anyway, fk dis, I iz off 4 a ride innit. l8rz peepz
  • TolkTolk Posts: 840
    I've got a brown spoon on my bike, looks good enough!
  • HitbyHitby Posts: 218
    I bought the wiggle colour scheme, black with orange underside and orange stitching. I think I might be the only person in the world that didn't get on with it though. Gone back to the WTB that came with my bike!
  • tptvmbircntptvmbircn Posts: 782
    be a copy cat, white and ti i've got the dogs dangly bits!
  • richg1979richg1979 Posts: 1,087
    ive got a brand spanking new one you can have for £15 posted in white, still sealed in bag.
  • kona_mattkona_matt Posts: 475
    i've got a brown spoon on my blue kona and it looks sweet 8) could really do with some brown grips to go with it but i love the peatys i've got and they don't come in brown.
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  • richg1979 wrote:
    ive got a brand spanking new one you can have for £15 posted in white, still sealed in bag.

    If the OP passed on it, i'll take it off your hands!
  • underdogunderdog Posts: 292
    Bought one of these last week, such a comfortable seat, very impressed.
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