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beware scammers!

car.crashcar.crash Posts: 170
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hi all, i went to view a bike tonight that was listed on gumtree. it was a specialized stumpy. well i went to go meet the guy but it was a complete scam and they were obviously going to try and steal our money. now the kids were complete fools and i have their mobile number and email address. i will post it up so others dont get caught out on the same scam. also if you feel the need to show how appaled you are by thieving chavs then give them a call ;).


  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    it might help everyone if you contacted the police.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    from the rules.
    16) Do not post other people's personal information on here, without their express permission (posted by them on the forum). This includes, but is not limited to, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses.
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