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turbo trainer vs rollers

tom_ktom_k Posts: 29
Recent winters have led me to the conclusion that in order to stay cycling fit I will need to purchase either a turbo trainer or rollers despite the fact that the idea of riding indoors is utterly alien to me.
Now my only question is which one to get. My instinct tells me rollers as they sound marginally less boring than the turbo and also I'd like to work on my spinning technique which they apparently promote but I'm worried that they won't give me the workout that I need, especially on those dark and dank weeks when I don't get out on the roads/hills at all (I live in Scotland and there are plenty of those weeks up here).
What do you guys use and what would you recommend?.


  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    I use a turbo, less chance of me having a one to one with the wall when I lose the plot. You can still spin on a turbo the resistance is variable.
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  • Check out the Elite V-Arion rollers. I just bought a set from Wiggle for £234.

    They come with 3 levels of resistance, zero, one and two.

    Two is apparently the closest to road riding.

    They do take a bit of getting used to - balance being the operative word! I was cycling in about 10 minutes and pretty much managed to stay upright for the next half hour until the heat finally got to me!

    I stuck a Tour DVD on whilst rolling and from experience found it much more enjoyable than my old Turbo.

    Either way - make sure you also buy a sweat catcher and a bloody good fan!!!!
  • worth getting both if you can afford it!
    if only one - turbo IMO.
  • APIIIAPIII Posts: 2,010
    My turbo sees a lot more use than my rollers...
  • AidanRAidanR Posts: 1,142
    I prefer the rollers personally, but it depends what your aims and budget are. You can get rollers with resistance units allowing interval and higher intensity training, but they cost. If you're doing longer, lower intensity then rollers are the way forward as they're less boring and improve your balance.

    Where in Scotland are you?
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