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Delamere Forest or Lee Quarry?

NoizetekNoizetek Posts: 98
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Hi guys n gals, thinking of heading out to some manmade trails for the first time tomorrow, was thinking about Delamere Forest or Lee Quarry, will have to get there by train and with the clocks going back will only have about 4 hours play time at either location...which one would be more worth my time? I would say I am borderline intermediate in ability and have never done anything outside of natural trails here in the Peak District before, thanks in advance!


  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 20,215
    haven't been to delamere for years. But for me its Lee Quarry, fantastic place to play.
  • Yeah I have been told Delamere is great if you head off the waymarked trails, having checked out some youtube footage, that seems to be right, but Lee Quarry seems to be moe fun all round...only worry I have is that at the quarry the penalty for failure seems a hell of a lot more severe than the forest! Think the weather will decide for me, unless Lee Quarry drains well??
  • Oh yeah forgot to mention that I ride solo, don't know anyone out here who is into biking (que violins..)
  • i ride solo also, its a lonely trail we travel. i carry my mobile phone but i dont know who i would call. sniff sniff.
  • Delamere off the beaten track if you know where to go.

    Lee Quarry for several laps

    Why not Llandegla? I guess you're already riding by the time I type this
  • compocompo Posts: 1,370
    Delemere is best to get to by train - the station is literally at the trailhead whereas lee quarry is 10+ mile over hills to a station

    However, Delamere has little singletrack and can take a lot of time
    Lee quarry only takes 1 hr to go round and is MUCH better
  • i have been to delamere loads of times, i heard there was a 4x course, secret trails and so on. but i never found anything. its a mystery.
  • WhytepeakWhytepeak Posts: 2,616
    There is a 4x track at delamere in the skills section, however you could't race 4 bikes around it.
    There are also a set of jumps and a dual track.
    These aren't official though, so always check them before you ride.
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  • Retro4300Retro4300 Posts: 114
    Been to Delamere many times but not for a few years now.
    Plenty of marked routes and along with criss crossing the trails there is many miles of riding to be had.
    Opposite the train station their is a big hill if you fancy trying out your max speed, Ive managed 39mph but think with the tyre presure increased and a little bit less wind could get 45mph.
  • Went to Delamere in the end, was absolutley brilliant. Thanks got to the two Toms I met on the train who showed me where the skills area was etc...some pretty big jumps and a few decent tracks, the singletrack flowed everywhere, again though if you went off the waymarked tracks...definitly be going again.
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