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Ford Ka and a BikeBag

Peter MainPeter Main Posts: 60
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I'm taking my road bike with me to Spain for the first time in three weeks. I have bought a bike bag. We usually hire a small car (like a Ford Ka). Does anyone know if a bike bag will fit into the back of a Ka (or similar) with the rear seats folded down. There are only two of us and we don't need the back seats. It would be really bad news to arrive at the car hire 'dungeon' at Malaga to find the bag won't go in the car (or Ka!)

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  • berlinerberliner Posts: 340
    Dont think so. My daughters got a Ka. You' might be succesfull taking the bike out of the bag , putting the bike in bit by bit then folding the bag trying to get it in. An upgrade may be available but i would opt for at least a corsa style car.-
  • My bike (without the front wheel attached) fits in the old old model fiesta, which is probably the same size as a current ka. - Design-Led home furniture and accessories.
  • GyatsoLaGyatsoLa Posts: 667
    Bike bags are different sizes, with different ways of packing them. A bike in the Groundeffect Tardis will fit in even the tiniest cars. Others, I'm not so sure.

    So, the answer is 'it depends'.
  • My answer is yes.
    I used to have a Ka and used to stick a bike bag in the back. It's really not a problem.
  • The MechanicThe Mechanic Posts: 1,277
    Probably be easier to put the Ka in the bag and carry it on the bike :lol:
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  • Kenjaja1Kenjaja1 Posts: 744
    I had a Ford KA until recently and could get any of my bikes in with the wheels on by moving the passenger seat hard forward. With no mudguards on a bike and with the wheels removed I am sure you will have no trouble. The bike bag is sensible to keep the dirty chain etc from leaving dirty marks. You will have no trouble with the rear seats folded down and will not even need to mess about with the front passenger seat. The only thing to remember with this (or any other) car is to remove the parcel shelf before trying to put the bike in. Even if you could get the bike in without removing the shelf you will find it much easier with it out of the way. Also these shelves are mostly pretty flimsy these days and could easily get broken wile getting the bike in (or out)

    Good luck
  • I doubt it'd go in, in a bike bag. My girlfriend has a Ka and I've had to call her out in the past when I got a puncture but hadn't took a spare with me. With the back seats down I was easily able to fit my roadbike in (after removing the front wheel) but I think if you have other luggage, and want to carry more than one bike not to mention bike bags, you're going to struggle....
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  • Have you considered hiring a Berlingo or Kangoo instead? We've found them to be much the same price as the smaller 'normal' cars for hire in Spain. I enjoyed hacking one around Mallorca so much that I nearly bought one when I came back. Thankfully I sobered up and came to my senses in time.
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  • Tim FarrTim Farr Posts: 665
    A friend of mine bought a Ka. I understand that he had a struggle getting his bike into the car - don't know if he ever achieved it. Next time I saw him he had a new car - a Mondeo Estate!!!
    T Farr
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