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Insurance, Critish Cycling membership and so on

boyoonabikeboyoonabike Posts: 29
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I'm off to Copenhagen in December for a charity ride with Christian Aid. I want to insure my bike and myself for any loss or third party damage and public liability etc. What in your experience are the best options? What are the merits of joining British Cycling and purchasing their insurance. A basic question is will I be covered for a charity ride? Any links would be cool.



  • It looks as if the best cover available from British Cycling is their Gold membership package. For £64 you get a host of benefits including:

    Public Liability Insurance
    Provides up to £10 million cover for cycling accidents worldwide. Covers legal liability and legal costs for accidents which are your fault.

    Personal Accident Insurance
    Covers death, permanent disability and hospital benefits in the event of a cycling accident. Valid 21 days per year overseas.

    Your bike and yourself would need to be insured. They undertake to find the cheapest quotes. I would send them an email about you riding in a charity event, but I cannot see a problem.
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  • You a member? Looks like insuring my Seedster 30 will be about £71.
  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    Try the CTC your 3rd party is part of your membership fee.
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