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New Zealand and Australia this September



  • Hi Nick
    We are back home again. We will keep an eye on your blog to keep track of where you are. We will be away till the 24th Nov. But the offer of to stay still tands. You may stay in your tent if you want to, but there is a very coffy double bed if you would rather. We live on our farm at Reporoa half way between Rotorua and Taupo.
    Be great if you could stay.
    Take care Brian & Sue
  • Nick Hill wrote:
    well we are in NZ and still alive ;-)

    the roads have been ok so far with lots of drivers givings us the thumbs up or waving and only the one maniac logging truck driver but we were on SH1 so expected that kind of behaviour

    trying to get to cape reinga in the next fews days currently holed up in Dargaville

    If any of you guys would like to meet up that would be great

    keep an eye on our blog form latest location but basically were are going clockwise round north and south Island over the next 6 months at about 60km a day ;-)

    BRIANNZ is that offer of a place to camp still good? where abouts near rotorua are you?

    keep a look out for two heavily loaded slow folks one on a yellow hewitt and one a blue hewitt :lol:



    Enjoy your tour, must have just missed you, having just got back from a mini tour of Northland, Waipu, across to Dargaville west coast upto Waitiki Landing (hitched from there to do a day and half walking Cape Reinga trail) and back via east coast to Waipu again. Late Sept/Oct have been wet so far, hope it changes for you.
  • Hi Lloyd shame we missed you

    Well its not changed much down here in Welly although we haven't got wet cycling for a while yet ;-)

    we spent a day at a farmstay in wanstead and a fantastic palce just south on pongaroa. The road from havealock north all the way down to masterton was bliss aprt from the big SW headwind!!

    If your ever down this way stay at glenross backpackers Pauline and George are brilliant and even offered us free dinner and a bag of homemade bread and cookies for the next day!!

    will be getting the ferry over to Picton on mon/tues next week so look out south Island here we come.


    Its not a vest its a base layer!!
  • jibijibi Posts: 857

    the long bits are doable by bike....

  • magfosmagfos Posts: 129
    I think NZ is God's country and well worth a visit. We were there last year and travelled a little by car.but was surprised at how much the traffic has become so much more aggressive then when I cycled there some year's ago. In spite of that, I never saw any aggressiveness towards cyclists and everyone tried to give them lots of room.

    The cycling is great, the country magnificent and the people friendly. As Brian says, get some good maps and enjoy.

    As for Oz, I can't understand why anyone wants to cycle the outback but everyone I know who has done it, has really loved it.
    check out our website at for stories and photos of our trips.
    Ride to Live; Live to Ride
  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    NZ policewoman allows naked cycling - with helmet

    "Ms Duder issued them with a stern warning for not wearing helmets and then sent them directly home".

    Quite right too.
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