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Richard Madeley talks bum gravy

number9number9 Posts: 440
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More lies:

Richard Madeley on cyclists in The Express:

"That’s right: no collision, whether it be with a car, bus, motorbike
or pedestrian, would ever be the bike rider’s responsibility. This, he
calculates, will encourage more people to take up cycling.

Let’s consider a few scenarios. Cyclist jumps a red light and crashes
into your car. Whose fault? Yours. Cyclist shoots out of a blind alley
without looking left or right and ends up under the wheels of a
passing bus. Whose fault? The bus driver’s.

Drunk cyclist wobbles wrong way up one-way street and even though you
stop your car in time, he still thuds into you. Whose fault? See

"Many cyclists, particularly in cities, already see themselves as
either above the law or victims or both."

Oliver Schick writes:

This gets misreported all the time (often probably intentionally).

It is not proposed to make motorists at fault in all collisions.

Rather, it is proposed to create a legal presumption that a motorist
will bear the burden of proof to show that they were not at fault.

Hence, the cycling bogeyman suddenly jumping a red light would still
be at fault (and in most cases, it would be easy to demonstrate that
they were at fault).

A full briefing is here:

Until this sort of quality information becomes available more widely,
rather than being blocked by politically-motivated gutter journalism,
this will continue to be misunderstood and misreported.


  • Yawn! :roll:

    I know columns are supposed to be for opinion but these guys really should get their facts straight before mouthing off in the national rags.

    Interesting that the Have Your Say feature is switched off. Cowards! ;)
  • cyclist jumps a red light then I in my car knock him off and kill him. There are no witnesses untill after the incident has happened. Therefore how do I prove that he was RLJing? Its my word against........... no ones cos he's dead. At least I'll only end up with a small fine and a suspended sentance. It was only a cyclist I killed after all :roll:
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  • number9number9 Posts: 440
    I know columns are supposed to be for opinion

    Madeley is supposed to be a journalist. That's his training. I'm pretty sure he's printing what he knows to be lies, unless his missus wrote that when she was pissed.
  • cjwcjw Posts: 1,889
    What is the old journo addage...

    "never let facts ruin a good story" :wink:
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  • number9number9 Posts: 440
    I hope he sees blood on his toilet paper.
  • was he riding a bike the day he got caught shop lifting :wink:
    Bianchi. There are no alternatives only compromises!
    I RIDE A KONA CADABRA -would you like to come and have a play with my magic link?
  • Does anyone take these people seriously ?
  • It's all getting incredibly tedious now. the truth is dead long live the journalist.

    as for Madely, not worth commenting on, 8 pints of blood and 32 teeth that could have gone to a human being
  • RedGTRedGT Posts: 238
    Maybe he should be writing about the daughters of minor celebs getting done
    for drink driving!
  • phil sphil s Posts: 1,128
    This would be the same Richard Madeley that I observed driving his BMW up Rosslyn Hill in Hampstead two years ago while breaking the law on driving while using a handheld phone.
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  • Richard Madley? Talking bum gravy? You only just figured this out?

    Still you have to remember that after Winona Ryder, he's the nations favourite convicted shoplifter.

    This combined with being sentenced to life with Judy Finnegan, means we should all salute him, and start a petition demanding he gets a mention on the new years honours list.
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  • Exacgtly the same misreporting going on on Pistonheads with some nonsense about how what will be next will be the person with the most powerful car being to blame. Some of the responses to the article are so moronic it is - I was going to say unbelievable, but actually I think the word is unsurprising. This country is so full of ignorant nobheads I think large parts of it should be nuked so we can start again.
  • FlasheartFlasheart Posts: 1,278
    I think nuking whole areas would be detrimental to our cycling, recreational or commuting. I don't fancy breathing in the fallout ash. :wink: Deport them maybe and we can have their stuff :twisted:
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