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8 speed cassette to 9 speed cassette

zippy12zippy12 Posts: 20
edited September 2009 in MTB beginners
Hi all,
I recently took my bike to cyclesence in tadcaster (can't recommend them enough) for my gears setting up, I had a go but could get it right. Any way they did it but told me that I had an 8 speed cassette and chain on a 9 speed system. So I order a 9 speed cassette from eBay. The one on the bike (8 speed) is shimano HG30-81 (11t - 32t) the new one (9 speed) a brought is a shimano HG50 (11t - 34t).
So my questions are:
1) Will a need my gears setting up again or will they work ok as they are?
2) Do a need a new chain, if so what do I need. Does it matter how many links I have in the chain?

Cheers for any help.


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