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Track pump broken ... or?

NiceDogNiceDog Posts: 16
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Hi guys! After a few weeks break from cycling due to being busy with other matters and needing a repair at the same time, I looked forward with glee to getting back on the old steed. However, to my dismay, I noticed that my track pump which had hitherto worked perfectly without even the slightest problem, seemed to no longer be doing its job. Nothing had happened to it since I last used it and it is relatively new with fairly light use.

However now the air seems to be escaping from the nozzle as soon as it goes in. So you do a pump and the measurement on the dial goes up but then starts immediately going down again before you even have a chance to pump a second time. And this is repeated with every pump. I thought there may be something wrong with my valve because i had also just repaired a rear wheel puncture, but it does the same on the front wheel too. Can these things just break??? I thought a track pump was a sturdy animal especially seeing as this one has had no heavy use. I'm not very technical but there doesn't seem anything obvious that needs to be tightened or loosened or whatever. It seems to be pumping the air in but then taking it back out again if that makes sense.

So is there anything I can do here guys, or is it just a case of buying a new pump? I don't mind doing that if it is really broken although i do find it strange that i would break just like that for no apparent reason.


  • fatgitfatgit Posts: 166
    on my track pump you can tighten/loosen the bit on the end of the valve which makes it grip harder/softer, you may have inadvertently loosened it?
  • I would also check to see if your valve is cut as that might also be the prob as I have had the same problem and gone through 4 new inner tubes, because the hole was sharp :(
  • If your pump's hose screws onto the base of the trackpump, check that it hasn't loosened itself there. My rennkompressor does that occasionally
  • schweizschweiz Posts: 1,644
    The readings you are getting on the pressure gauge is the pressure in the hose, so the pump is working fine, it's just that the air isn't getting past the valve into the tube. Assuming that you have presta valves, have you remembered to unscrew them? Also, after unscrewing them, press the valve in quickly to let a blast of air out. I find that sometimes helps.
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