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Custom 2000 specialized p3

pattopatto Posts: 3
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I just started mtb and a bit of street riding properly about 5 month ago, after about a month of my old Saracen x-ray 1 breaking every time it even saw a hill, i decided it was time to get new ride.
Now my birth day was only about a week away by then and my brother had a 2000 specialized p3 frame and the original bombers on it, and from the moment i saw the frame i wanted it. I absolutely loved the boxy frame and the simple black and red colours, so my brother kindly give my it for my birthday.

So after a few weeks of getting some cash together i was ready to go, so i got myself on CRC and got myself some bargains, i also got some nice bits from one of my local bike shops (peddlers). And this is the outcome

I still need a new saddle, but most of all new forks! The bombers are just starting to leek and are a bit battered. If anyone has any suggestion on new ones it would help because i don’t have a clue what to get?

i do like my £1 coins in the end of the bars :D



  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    Do you really have £1 coins at the end of the bars?
    Now that's nice.

    So how does the front wheel spins? Because that 2.5" Highroller doesn't
    seem to have much room at the fork arch.
    You can go Marzocchi DJ2 qr, or an Argyle if the hub can fit a 20mm axle.
  • Yep genuine £1 coins :D i do like them, they fit perfectly in the clamps. Im also going to try and use a £2 coin for top cap :lol:

    And as for the front tyre it has about 5mm clearance :? i haven’t had any problems so far but i haven’t done any really thick mud, i did use to have a 2.5 high roller on the back as well but they were wearing a grove in the frame so i had to do a bit of butchery and trim the knobs on the side :( so i got a 2.35 minion instead.
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