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Pedal for Scotland

BigG67BigG67 Posts: 582
Ok it might not be the "coolest" event on the cyclist's calendar but you know what 7,000 odd people cycled from Glasgow to Edinburgh today (up around 1,300 on last year) which as to be worth celebrating in a country not renown for it's fitness culture.

I rode it with the missus and I saw....guys on BMXs, a modern penny farthing, a guy on a Chopper, a rickshaw, a hand bike, loads of tandems, loads and loads of kids - both on their own and with parents - and to top it all a woman in a lovely summer's dress, block heeled espadrilles on a folding bike (who wasn't THAT far behind me at the end :oops: )

Just wanted to say it's what this is all about, getting out and exercising in the company of friends and family on a lovely Sept day. :D


  • Totally agree. Great day out with fantastic weather. I hope that the people that had accidents are alright.

    And the fecking clown who was bombing down the hill (toward the riders)near the finish as we were passing the rickshaw ... that has to be the most idiotic piece of riding that I have ever seen.What a tool. Missed my mate by inches.

    The stop at Linlithgow was a bit mad. I went in to look for a fellow rider and it took me over half an hour to get out.

    Overall, it was good fun. We'll be back.
  • The guy on the recumbent was having a great time too. Got to agree with you both, it was lots of fun, well-organised but busy, and the weather gods were smiling on us.

    But zero marks for Scotrail, who refused to implement any kind of queue for those taking bikes on the train at Waverley, until my friend asked to put in an official complaint.

    And NEGATIVE marks to the chubby lad in the hairband and Skins (tip: lose some weight buddy and you'll go way faster!) carrying the racing bike who hopped the barrier after taking one look at the queue! So much for cycling camaraderie- when the chips were down, he was number one in a queue of one! (Actually, chips were the last thing he needed.)

    Back next year I think-

  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    I caught the tail end of this one my way down to Peebles to watch the ToB start. I've done it a couple of times and had forgotten all about it until I found myself entering Edinburgh in a peloton of plucky mortals on all kinds of bikes.

    That experience and the fabulous atmosphere in Peebles town centre this morning make me think that we Scots might after all be able to overcome our couch potato reputation.

    Fast and Bulbous
    Eddingtons: 80 (Metric); 60 (Imperial)

  • A couple of guys from The Bike Chain were stationed at Kirkliston and had a great time helping folk get going on the last leg to Edinburgh. We were thinking of all riding it next year, but taking some tools, tubes etc. with us for some "on the road" support. Do you think this would be welcomed/sensible?
  • I think that would be a good idea as we passed a good few people out on the road mostly with punctures.
    Obviously, some just got on with it and fixed it whilst others didn't/wouldn't know where to start.
    Good idea Doc so good luck with the organisers.
    Even without the organisers' 'blessing' you guys could go ahead and do it and become 'knights of the road' (!) to a good few people.
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