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New Bike & Tag Along

StuwwStuww Posts: 203
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A good friend of mine would like to start cycling as part of his daily exercise.

He lives in a rural location and would like to cycle around the country lanes with his daughter on a tag along behind him.

Could anyone recommend a tag a long and a good hybrid type towing bike, budget I'm guessing £250 - £300 for the bike.

Many thanks



  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    you'll be amazed at how much the tag-a-long will be - in fact it could take most of the budget you quote.

    no really.

    We have a fairly entry-level one at the moment and it was over £100 - the cheapest I have ever found was the one in argos at £79.99 and it has horible reports of seizing up.
    The best on the market is the Islabikes trailerbike or the Burley piccolo - both are in the £250 region. the more expensive ones have a better mount which keeps the child upright and this helps the overall handling of the adult bike.

    post a "wanted" request for a tag-a-long on this board and see what comes back - and good luck! - they are great, I love using my daughters one and taking her along with me on rides.
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