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** New Cube Fritzz - Custom Build **

monotokpointmonotokpoint Posts: 91
edited December 2009 in Your mountain bikes
Finally finished it yesterday, so thought I would post a couple of pics on Flickr.

Quick spec:
Hope pro II Hubs/DT Swiss 6.1d rims (Bolt thro front, Maxel rear)
Fox 36 Vanilla RC2
Fox Float RP3 rear shock
Hope Tech M4 Brakes, braided hoses, 203mm rotors
Sram X.0 Shifters
Sram X.0 Rear Mech
Sram PG990 Cassette
FSA Team Issue Carbon crankset
FSA Gravity Carbon Bar /Gravity stem 70mm
Selle Italia Flite seat
Hope bar ends. clamp etc

Some piccys here :D :

** Cube Fritzz **

Haven't been out on it properly yet - wadda u think?


  • jay12jay12 Posts: 6,306
    whoah, thats really nice 8)
  • Thank you :D
  • muddylegsmuddylegs Posts: 485
    She looks lovely.
    Now take her out and ride her like you stole it.
  • ravey1981ravey1981 Posts: 1,111
    lookin good, the rear shock looks like it could be right in the line of fire though...
  • Thanks for the comments guys :D

    a couple of other ppl have mentioned the shock to me too. I think I may have to invest in a half sized mud guard that Cube make :wink:
  • noj75noj75 Posts: 34
    Mate, I am in love!!

    Great bike fella, well done!!
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  • saltymansaltyman Posts: 472
    nice bike 8)
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  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680
    Looks good, also looks steep at the front?
  • ramemtbersramemtbers Posts: 1,562
    wow that looks really nice
  • Have you ridden her yet?
    I have just come back from a blast on my Cube and i still marvel at the bike.
  • Shes a lovely lookin ride
  • Still no ride on it yet, think it will be the weekend before i get out on it, just keep staring at it at the moment! Good to see there are quite a few Cube riders out there :wink:
  • Please tell me that you have ridden your beautiful bike today?
  • She's drop dead gorgeous, just get out and ride.
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  • Didn't get the chance this weekend :( On the plus side it is still nice and shiney :D
  • Damn, thats one nice ride you got there, instead of taking pics :P tell us how she rides? lol
  • I'm going to cwm carn tomorrow! Whoop! :twisted:
  • How was your ride today, did you get muddy?
  • Really nice bike. Check the front brake hose routing.
  • Yup got it muddy on Saturday. Really pleased with it! Suspension is v plush and I can carry what feels like quite a bit more speed downhill than my old Meta 5, plus it also feels really agile and chuckable with it. Brakes kick censored !
    The only thing I may change is the seat post, as I can't quite get the right position with the saddle. Other than that its been great so far!
  • Really nice bike. Check the front brake hose routing.

    Shorty12 - Do you think it should come round the front of the forks? Wasn't sure about the current look either
  • There's a little clip that you unscrew then put the hose in. Like this
  • Doh! Thanks :)
  • congrats! that is one seriously cool ride! 8) :D
    nice choice of components!m!
    what sort of weight is is?
    ...but yeah how does it ride? that's the really important bit :)
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  • Around 13.5kgs (29lbs), which is a bit less than the standard model, so I've managed to shave off a few hundred grammes (at a bad weight/price ratio!)

    Rides like a dream - much more nimble that the weight suggests. Love the brakes too!
  • mogimogi Posts: 69
    you must struggle to stop it with them weak censored brakes.....joke,fantastic looking bike you have mate.
  • Hi guys

    I have just bought a Cube Fritzz frame ( 2008 model) and have started puting it together. I have run into a snag and for the life of me cannot figure it out. Can anybody send to me some pictures of how the front Derailleur should be mounted. The pics should be taken from the left hand side of the bike looking at the Derailleur or looking from the top down to the Derailleur. I am using the recomended XT FD 770 Type-E Derailleur and it just does not seem to fit right. ie the movement where the cable is fixed to the Derailleur hardly has any space, and hits against the chainstay when the chainstay is moved upwards.
  • Have you got a bottom bracket mount derailleur?
  • I've put a couple of pics here, let me know if it helps or if you need more
  • Hi
    I just bought the same frame via the Net. While mounting it, I ran into a snag which is keeping me from completing the bike. The front derailleur (m770 - E type) is hitting the chainset when fully compressed. Did you have the same problem? . Also my active links seem to be shifted slightly to the left (could be bent) I would really appreciate it if you could to me some close up pictures of the front derailleur area as well as some shots taken from the rear of the bike focusing the active link area where the rear shock connects

    Best regards
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