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Edinburgh to Paris Cycle

mikeqmikeq Posts: 141
Very short notice this but a female member of the crew has pulled out of our charity cycle which starts next Tuesday.

We are looking for a female cyclist to take their place.

This is the 3rd year this event has taken place, more info here there is a link to a PDF on the left hand side of that page with even more info.

The cycle is really from Zebrugge to Paris and is 250 miles over 4 days, so average 60 miles/day approx.

rough route,2.297516+to:A104&hl=en&geocode=FVpwDwMdWrEwAA%3BFd5vBAMdJNQvAA%3BFcQC-gId7pQsAA%3BFYg88gIdYvAqAA%3B%3BFZ5c6QIdRJ0oAA&mra=dpe&mrcr=3&mrsp=4&sz=11&via=4&sll=48.873748,2.253571&sspn=0.338263,0.617294&ie=UTF8&ll=49.830896,3.735352&spn=5.3083,9.876709&z=7 Not exact as we will be taking more of the quieter roads.

Tue - 1 Sep, meet at Scottish Parliament Edinburgh 08:30, we then cycle 5 miles to meet up with the minibuses and trailers. Drive to Hull, overnight ferry to Zebrugge
Wed - 2 Sep, set off from Zebrugge to Lille (France) on day 1
Thu - 3 Sep, Lille to Peronne
Fri - 4 Sep, Peronne to Compiegne
Sat - 5 Sep, Compiegne to Paris
Sun - 6 Sep, free day in Paris
Mon - 7 Sep, minibuses back to Zebrugge, Ferry overnight to Hull
Tue - 8 Sep, pm arrive back in Edinburgh

This trip was originally devised as a Police collaboration and a few of us taking part work for the various Scottish Police Forces.

As such we get Police motorcycle escort on the last 10 miles into Lille. We also get a police motorcycle escort from about 10 miles outside Paris and up the Champs-Elysees.

There will also be a couple of champagne receptions that we will attend at night.

There will be 22 people going with 18 cycling. The ages and abilities are very varied, from those that cycle regularly to people that haven't cycled since they were 5. The type of bikes is also very varied from mountain to hybrids to road bikes.

As it is short notice there is no need to raise any sponsorship, although we each paid £485 to take part again as it is short notice you will not have to pay this. Although a fair donation would be nice :)

Only other stipulation as I said is that you must be female as you will be taking the place of the person that pulled out and will be sharing ferry/hotel accomodation with another female.

All accomodation and breakfast is included in the trip, so the only additional expenditure you would have is buying lunch and dinner and drinks. Not that any of us drink as we are all athletes (yeah right) :wink:

PM me if you are interested or post some details here and I will get back to you.

Mike Quinn
Cycling from Glasgow to Paris to raise funds for Asthma UK


  • mikeqmikeq Posts: 141
    Looks like we have a replacement, thanks for reading.

    If anyone is up for taking part next year I'll post something later on this year/early next year.

    Cycling from Glasgow to Paris to raise funds for Asthma UK
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