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marin mount vision 2009 or 2010

kangarookangaroo Posts: 1,199
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i managed to test ride a mount vision 5.8 a few months ago and i was really impressed with the bike, handling was great and so was the weight compared to my 08 spesh enduro expert. at the moment im riding with a lot of riders who are quite abit faster than me, so my thoughts keep turning to lighter bikes
now ive just read about the 2010 mount vision, and im likeing the new fox shox and lower bottom bracket, but im not so sure about the new longer lenght of the bike, and dont know how much this will change the feel of the bike.

i mainly ride at cannock chase and hanchurch woods, with the occasional trail centre thrown in for good measure.
what are brakes for again


  • If the handling felt good on the 09, stick to it. You might be able to get it a bit cheaper soon if you're lucky and at the end of the day I'd take good handling/feel of a bike over anything else.
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