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l8_starterl8_starter Posts: 22
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im having problems trying to download gpsies routes to my forerunner 205. i have installed the communicator and it says its working and commnicating.

can anyone tell me the difference beteween GPX track, GPX route, garmin course CRS and TCX PLEASE.

i think ive tried them all but dont understand whats happening. on the very first route i did i saved it and it came through named and fine but since then i dont seem able to download one. one route where i put 3 markers, the points have transferred but not the course?

im not a tecno whizz kid so keep it simple please


  • l8_starterl8_starter Posts: 22
    now im even more confused.

    if i go into my garmin from my laptop i can see 2 courses 'tina test' and 'reepham' under courses and can see the routes displayed on my laptop.

    however, if i go into the forerunner / navigation / routes neither of them are there

    i do find 'empty' 'neet small' and 'test-tst'

    i cannot find empty, neet small or test-tst on my laptop screen

    i must be looking in the wrong places somehow. any ideas?
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