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Garmin Radios

frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
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Why? I haven't figured these out yet...

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  • Harry HillHarry Hill Posts: 114
    . . . . .Gives a severe electric shock to the head?
    .. who said that, internet forum people ?
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    They are from Radio Shack.
  • AO1504AO1504 Posts: 57
    I think it's because they are a different size to the normal radios used and do not fit properly in the race jerseys anymore.
  • bipedalbipedal Posts: 466
    edited July 2009
    It's closer your ears so less annoying wires???
  • Eau RougeEau Rouge Posts: 1,118
    Garmin-Slipstream also uses its Edge 705 computers to display and record wattage information from its Powertap rear hubs but unbeknownst to many, each power meter is also sending data to an innocuous looking little yellow box either mounted beneath the saddle or on the back of the rider's helmet. They're not just storing the data for later analysis though... the Edge 705 already does that on its own.

    Instead, it's apparently some sort of real-time telemetry system that transmits each rider's wattage information back to the team cars. Exactly how that information is used during a stage, however, isn't exactly clear. Quite understandably, Garmin-Slipstream officials haven't been terribly eager to discuss the system's details with us. ... orlds-best
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Thanks for the link.
    Contador is the Greatest
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