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Carbon Vs Aluminium TSSF part 3

carbonfiendcarbonfiend Posts: 475
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Well a lot has happened since I decided to do unscientific ad hoc comparison of my 2 HTs. Since riding the Scandal I raced twice on the S Works and this is where the drama starts. Did Thetford 6 hour and crashed half way in handlebars swung straight round and jammed into top tube, when managed to free them I coudl see that there was a 3mm or so chip going down 1 and at deepest point two layers of carbon. On closer examination I was convinced this was more 'cosmetic' than structual so continued to race unfortunatley had to drop out after another lap due to damage to back and shoulder as couldn't hold bars proper and was getting more and more concerned about coming off again and hurting what was already really sore. Anyway got frame home and a bit of research including talking to Specialized and some carbon experts I bought some carbon epoxy resin and small sheet of carbon fibre and did a repair job myself. The repair doesn't look the greatest but it certainly works and the frame is as solid as ever. This mow poses two question, 1 would that damage have happened to the scandal and if so would it be so easily repairable?
In terms of my original post of which frame is better I still feel the Scandal gives a truer ride of feeling every bump and contour of the trail and this offers a great thrilling ride but there is no doub the carbon gives a more plush riding effect and at times feels quicker to react to instant turns of power. Will try to post picture of repair
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