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MTB Singletrack near Newbury

edward.wigmoreedward.wigmore Posts: 66
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Was wondering if anyone knew of any decent bits of singletrack or trails near newbury or just some good routes.



  • edward.wigmore
    Hi Edward

    I live in Highclere and ride regularly at weekends - anything from 10 - 35 miles.
    Most of my rides take in a piece of Wayfarers Walk from Kingslclere in the east to Shalbourne in the west and there are loads of trails.

    The best bit of single track that I have found so far is in the woods at Collingbourne Ducis which is not far from Vernham Dean.

    Obviously there are roads involved but I can be out for hours and hardly see a car so it is not really a problem at all.

    Be happy to act as a guide because I'm looking for a "ride buddy" anyway - if you are interested call or text me on 07768 746131.


    MIke Sheridan
  • FullyFully Posts: 257
    Hi Ed, I used to live in Hermitage near Newbury. There are some 'ok' bits of singletrack near to Grimsby Castle and around Buckleberry Common. Greenham common also has a few bits of singletrack here and there.

    +1 for Collingbourne Woods, there is some great singletrack up there.

    I think one of the LBS in Newbury have weekly nightrides too. Badger cycles maybe?

    I've also heard that there are some good trails around Pangbourne, although i've not ridden there personally.

    The worst thing about the area is that it suffers horrendously in the wet :cry: .
    Forget your heart, it's your bank i wanna break, it's just yer money i'm after baby...

    A Few Pics
  • Any rough maps of decent routes available from any of you guys?? I am new to the Newbury area and looking to find some good rides to try out..

    Any advice will be greatfully received!

    Cheers :D
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