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Mongoose Khyber Kustom

kris_bensonkris_benson Posts: 25
edited July 2009 in Your mountain bikes
I went out for a little ride today, and after joining the forum yesterday thought i might take a few pics and post them on here!!.. So here is my "kustom khyber" coz there aint too much of the original bike left!

Mongoose Khyber resprayed in BMW nautical blau (same as M3 from y02)
Forks : zocchi 55tst2
R Shock : zocchi Roco R
Wheelset : Halo sas, spindoctor hubs, SLX cassette
Drivetrain - as factory spec, x7, fsa gravity cranks etc, sram 990 chain
pedals : dmr v12 mags
bars : Azonic world force
Stem : Brave machine Airbase
Headset : FSA 1.5 / 11/8 reducer, hope spacers
Brakes : Hope Mono rear 185, hope X2 front 203mm floating rotor
Seatpost : FSA sl250 20mm set back
Saddle : WTB rocket V pro
Extras : Neoguard muduard, dmr chainstay protector + some old innertube! :)

work to do - get the logos re-printed! upgrade to sram x0, new gear cables, and hope braided hoses - and that should do it!! Here is some pics (sorry its not polished clean, i like em dirty!)





  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    Nice rig mate - loving that colour!!!! :D
  • Cheers cheesey - loving your quake too on rmmb... can't believe u called mine a rig - makes it sound like a good en that! lol..
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    nice but arent you slightly underbraked with minis and an x2?????? :shock:
  • XxxBFGxxXXxxBFGxxX Posts: 1,355
    lawman wrote:
    nice but arent you slightly underbraked with minis and an x2?????? :shock:

    they look like v2's the piston looks to big toi be a x2 i could be wrong tho
  • Now you mentioon it yeah, well the mini does pretty well considering, but the x2 is a lacking a bit - ive been looking at the V2, or M4 calipers or even juicy 7.
  • Tom BartonTom Barton Posts: 516
    Lovely machine - cool colour. If the back brake is fine, leave it and go for a bigger front - I'd personally lean towards the hope. M4 = Big (but are fiddly I hear - may be wrong) and V2's = 'Uge (and a good few extra grams) but on that big old rotor stopping certainly won't be an issue. And i do like the neoguard mudguards - I eat/drink much less muddy water thx to them...
  • cheers tom, i will more than likely go down the M4 route, as the levers are the same as x2 so can just spend 77quid replacing the caliper from crc and all will be hunky dory - ur so right about the neoguard, such a simple design works so well! pity nothing for the rear i still get a soaking wet censored lol...
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