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RST First (F1rst) Platinum Fork

FeldmarshallFeldmarshall Posts: 3
edited July 2009 in XC and Enduro
I'm looking for an upgrade to replace my Rock Shox Dart 1, that would allow me to ride aggresive XC, be light and affordable. While I understand, there is never perfect cheap fork, I was quite interested with new RST forks.

F1rst Platinum is suposed to be below 1600g (V-brake version), single air oil dumping fork aimed for XC. After reading this review ( ... air-forks/ ) I got really interested, as thay say that 29 version is really good.

Here I come to a problem - there is no info on the net about this fork - no reviews, little opinions and some RST infrormation.

So I would like to ask for your opinion on this fork. But please (I beg you on my knees) save comments like "RST make censored , go for Rock Shox". Internet is so full of this I can't read one more! Just write if you ridden it, please ;).

@BikeRadar: Also would be nice to see full review, as this fork is aimed at the same market as this one: ... k-09-34163 and comparision would be nice.

Thanks for all the help in advance.

@Supersonic: Tried "RST platinum" search, and nothing.
I'm personaly from Poland and hope that some users here are not from UK, hence more likly to give opinion. But thanks for bringing it up.

@ Supersonic 2'nd post: Notice, that my post is last in that topic tou posted ;).
Gary Fisher Wahoo 2007. Jeez, I love my bike!

How did you like RST F1rst Platinum 0 votes

It's great, no complaints!
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It is OK.
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Some problems, but great for the price!
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Just bad fork.
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I don't use RST, I'm afraid for my health.
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