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Glentress Shortcuts

afrothunder88afrothunder88 Posts: 92
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Hello all,

Finally hitting Glentress on Saturday! Been looking at the map from the 7Stanes website and it looks like theres a fireroad that runs from near the bottom of the Spooky Wood descent back to near the top of it. Now my question: are you allowed to ride the fireroad sections to loop back, e.g. to rinse the Spooky Wood section again?

Everything I have read about this section says its awesome and I'd like to do it more than once if it is but I doubt I'd have the energy to ride around again after hitting the Freeride park section.




  • yes you can :)
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
    The fireroad's not much fun though, the (mostly) singletrack climb is much nicer and calms the gradient down, so we go back up that way. Though it does have a bit of a descend on fireroad first, which is a waste of altitude
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  • Excellent! Thanks for the info

    Northwind When you say the singletrack climb is better, how do you get back to it without going all the way around again?

    Looking at the map I can see that you can either go the wrong way up a blue or follow the red down SuperG until it crosses the fireroad that makes up the blue/red outbound section that leads to the Spooky Wood climb?


  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
    When you get to the meteorite, just go down the fire-road- it takes you right back to the picnic table at the start of spooky climb (ie, just after the top of the blue climb) When you do the climb for the first time, watch out for the fire trail that goes up to the right marked something like "Red route avoiding spooky wood"- that's the bottom end of this same road.

    (it does show as being the wrong way down the blue- but don't worry, it's fire road)

    I guess this is a horses for courses thing, I quite like the spooky climb but I don't like fireroads much.
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  • Yeah, I can see where you mean now I think. Thanks for the info!

  • Yukon LadYukon Lad Posts: 423
    yes you definitely can, spooky wood is well worth going do0wn again but don't tire yourself out too much on that because the descents after that are awesome and the freeride park has to be ridden to be believed.

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  • BigRedRBigRedR Posts: 51

    It is a fecking nightmare, and so steep that it cannot be cycled after half way!! I have done it once and i thought i was going to keel over and die from exhaustion - that and getting eaten alive by a swarm of midgies.

    Once, you get to the bottom of spooky wood, travel DOWN the fireroad to the t-junction, turn right and then climb back up through the woods on the same trail you originally used (assuming you did the red run).

    Much more enjoyable option - and probably takes the same amount of time. :D
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