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Brake pads that actually stop in the wet

chrish1974chrish1974 Posts: 3
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Hi, Can anyone help?
I run a Focus erogo ride St with a Fulcrum Racing 7 wheel set. Can anyone recommend some brake pads that actually stop in the wet as opposed to just slowing down? The bike is fitted with Shimano Tiagra brakes and they are currently fitted with Shimano 105/Ultegra brake blocks. Your help and advice wiould be appreciated. Ta!


  • For V brakes (although mine are cantilevers which use V brake pads) I used to use Koolstop Salmons but found I could never really stop them squealing.
    I was then put onto BBB ones, the type where you just replace the pad, not the whole unit and they are great. Just the basic ones, not even the triple density fancy ones. Sorry I cannot remember the model though, my LBS stock them so I know where to grab them.
    I presume BBB will do something similar for caliper pads.
  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Koolstop Salmons. I use these

    (Swiss Stop Greens are also pretty good apparently)
    I like bikes...

  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    I binned my BBB ones years ago. They were fine until they got hot, then lost all modulation. Half way down Rosedale Chimney is not the time to have grakes which were either on or off. They may have improved but I will be sticking with the Koolstop Salmon. Been using them for several years now and can not fault them. £6 a pair at Spa Cycles and they seem to last for ever.
  • GiantPeteGiantPete Posts: 14
    I discovered swiss stop 'flash' brake pads (which are the green ones now but were brown) in June 2002 on a trip to the Alps where I got caught in a thunder storm every afternoon, usualy when I had a big mountain to descend.

    These pads were much better and I have used them ever since. I also prefer them in the dry, much less 'grabby' and more easy to modulate than the standard shimano pads.

    For a few years the only place I knew about that sold them was the bike shop at Bourg D'Oisans at the bottom of the Alpe D'Huex climb!
  • GiantPeteGiantPete Posts: 14
    They are a bit pricey though (the Swiss Stop Greens) - but at least you can get them in the uk now (I think).
  • GiantPeteGiantPete Posts: 14
    They are a matter of taste though, the green swiss stops don't feel as powerful as the usual shimano ones if you just squeeze the lever lightly. They seem to scrape the rim not bite. But the power is there if you squeeze harder, and this suits me to have a bigger range of lever force with which to control the braking power as I am a bit clumsy if the controls are too sensitive.

    I recently built up a new bike with Ultegra brakes and decided to wear out the standard pads first, went to the Alps and nearly had a bad crash after locking the back wheel causign it to step out - bit of a motorcycle style tank-slapper towards a rock face, just about scrubbed enough speed to turn away. I have now swapped out the pads...
  • JameyJamey Posts: 2,152
    As one of the few people who have actually used both Swisstop Greens and Kool Stop Salmons I'd add that while both are equally good at braking I found the Swissstop Greens wore down faster than the Kool Stop Salmons.

    Plus the greens are more expensive.
  • pabloweaverpabloweaver Posts: 444
    GiantPete wrote:
    They are a bit pricey though (the Swiss Stop Greens) - but at least you can get them in the uk now (I think).

    ah but you do get a full set of four for the price ...

    or at least I did ?!?!

    Great club in and around the Warrington area.
  • Thanks every one for your advice. I've orderd some Koolstop salmon pads from Wiggle. So hopefully now I'll be able to stop in the rain when that car decides to pull out or that badger runs across the Bristol to Bath cycle track. No really it happened! I came off much worse than the badger, but thats another story :D :
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