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Front shifting help (Campag+Shimano compatibility?)

robthehungrymonkeyrobthehungrymonkey Posts: 616
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Wonder if anyone can help here...

A friend of mine has just bought a used road bike, it's got a bit of a mish mash of kit on it and I'm wondering if compatibility issues are causing problems...

At the moment, the rear shifting is working ok, but the front won't change at all. He's had the cables changed, but has been told he needs new shifters... Me being the sceptical bstard that I am isn't convinced it's as simple as that.

He's got:

Campag Mirage shifters
Ultegra front mech
Tiagra rear mech
And an old style 105 chainset

It's a strange mix of equipment and age. (as if someone put all their spares onto the bike to sell it :? )

Any help much appreciated! I feel duty bound to help as I told him to buy a bike! - Design-Led home furniture and accessories.


  • Smokin JoeSmokin Joe Posts: 5,669
    Campag shifters will work a Shimano front mech no problems. He obviously has a mechanical problem somewhere.
  • BikefotosBikefotos Posts: 59
    The front mech should work ok, he's a lucky man if the rear changes properly though!!
  • pigmanpigman Posts: 76
    didnt campag spend a couple of years indexing their front mechs for gruppos below Chorus? Probably the quickshift era, 2005-08ish??? Maybe this is what your mate has and the the mishmash of components dont complement each other.
    fortunately theyve done a u-turn and the latest 2009 fare reverts back to micro ratcheting the front mech.

    Indexed front mechs .. .arrgg!
  • Thanks for all the advice, i shall pass it on.

    :) - Design-Led home furniture and accessories.
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