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This will be my first organised event and seems to have come around quicker than I imagined. I paid my fee a while back and have just realised that I'll be riding this time next week.
As I have paid is it just a case of turning up on the day?
My experience of group riding is pretty much non existent but I have been reading the threads regarding etiquette and so forth. Fortuitously the starting venue is 2 miles from my home so I intend to be there early.
I have a mini tool. spare tubes etc but no chain tool and not really any room for one, is this a necessity ?

Anyone else participating or have any usefull hints ?


  • You should be fine, this is a fairly low key event so doesn't have the mad dash of loads of people trying to start at the same time. I don't think they even time you for the shorter distances. I find it's a fairly friendly event, as there aren't time standards (I think) so people tend not to be in such a rush.
  • ant.rocketant.rocket Posts: 25
    Hi. Me and a couple of mates are coming over from the IOW to ride this. This will be are first Sportive as well. We have done the IOW Randonee (100k round the Island) a few times now so will be interesting to see what this is like. We are not aiming to get round as quick as possible, just to have a good day out on our bikes and finish in a reasonable time.
  • il_principeil_principe Posts: 9,151
    I'm doing this one, looking forward to it. Must admit I'd never heard of it before but been offered a bed close to the start so what the heck! Hardly ridden since the Dragon Ride though so I hope it's not too hilly...
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