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Look 585 Headset

desdeadlydesdeadly Posts: 48
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So here goes trying to describe this.

With the front brake on there is some 'play' in the headset.
I do have the correct number of spacers and i am getting compression.

so i take the stem and spacers off and i press the front brake again and locate the movement. It looks at though the bearing itself is moving on the outer of the race thus isnt being held tight.

whats wrong? What do i need to replace? I have read somewhere that Look 585 frame has replaceable bearing seats. is this the case? and is this what needs changing?

Any comments appreciated



  • SeanTSeanT Posts: 51

    I have a 2006 585 and it has replicable bearing cups. They are thin metal concave washers which sit between the bearing and the carbon fibre cups bonded into the head tube. They are designed to prevent wear of the carbon fibre cups, so make sure you have them installed.

    My guess would be that you aren’t getting sufficient compression of the headset. Try adding another thin spacer on top of the stem. The top of the fork steerer tube should be about 3-4mm below the top of the spacer. Also check that the fork bung is not slipping up the head tube when you are tightening the headset.

    Good luck, Its a beautiful frameset. If you are at all unsure take it to a Look dealer, If you damage the top tube it would be difficult to repair.

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