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Looks stolen to me (Specialized, Swindon)...

helenehelene Posts: 30
edited June 2009 in MTB stolen
A few weeks back, I had my Spesh Hardrock stolen from Oxford, and since then have been trawling Gumtree and Ebay daily in the hopes of it turning up at some point. During my travels, I came across this: ... 240%3A1318

Doesn't sound like someone selling their pride and joy, and there are no pics. Thought people might want to have a look at it, in case it's THEIR pride and joy.


  • joolz427joolz427 Posts: 14
    Hi Helene

    Just came across your post, I lost a Specialized FSR XC Pro in Swindon last year.

    The ebay page has expired - I don't suppose you remember any of the ad details?

    It's a long shot I know, but thanks for any details.


  • helenehelene Posts: 30
    Don't think this was a FS. Sorry :(.
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