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South Downs Way in a day Question

tobciocctobciocc Posts: 276
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Hi - I'm planning on doing this on saturday with a mate, we are both fit and think we can manage ok. My question is, how long is it likely to take? Or more to the point if any of you have done it how long did it take you. We will eather start in the dark at 4am or at 7.30am depending on how we get to Winchester. Any advice or tales of this ride are very welcome.

Sorry if this is going over the same territory from previous threads, I did search for an answer to the specific question but couldn't find any.


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  • tobciocctobciocc Posts: 276
    Thanks Rocky but most of that info is based on taking several days to doit.
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  • amt27amt27 Posts: 320
    15 hours is the norm for most BHF event riders,

    take a sat nav, I've only done Brighton to Eastbourne, the signage is not always good and going off route wastes time,
  • tobciocctobciocc Posts: 276
    Hi Amt27 - yeah I've got the Brighton to Eastbourne bit sussed, I live in Lewes so its on my doorstep. I'm hoping my Harveys map will stop me get lost on the other bits. Also hoping to do the ride in under 12 hours, as I say I am quite fit and average about 11 -12 hours riding on and off road a week.
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  • hi toby,

    Did winchester to eastbourne sdw yesterday.

    Started out at 6 am

    Took 12h 29min.

    Came off bike at Harting Down, which shook me up and slowed me down for rest of trip.

    Used Harveys map and bikedowns infro for sections I did not know.

    Had someone meet me at Washington with lunch.

    Found truliegh hill to devils censored a stuggle, but got 2nd wind after that.

    Wish I had taken some lube with me as ran on dry chain for last 30 miles.

    Surprised that I had no puntures, both tyres at 36psi

    lastly loved my jelly babies
  • tobciocctobciocc Posts: 276
    Good ride sussexboy and a good time. I'm hoping for something approaching 12 hours total. How good were the signs for SDW out of Winchester and over to Cocking, that's the one bit I've not done.

    I may get the train from Brighton to Amberly tomorrow and ride the SDW to winchester, then do the full ride the next day.
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  • Signs were quite good, went wrong once a few miles short of QEP, QEP a bit confusing..
    Be on the watch for signs about 2 miles short of Harting Down, went flying down the road and noticed a bridleway on right, with no sign, on closer look sign was overgrown. Also noticed some signs were very faint.

    New section of sdw very well signed.

    suggest u rest tomorrow as its a tough ride, esp at the eastbourne end.

    Good luck
  • amt27amt27 Posts: 320
    Toby, how did it go?
  • tobciocctobciocc Posts: 276
    Hi amt27 - bit of a non event shall we say as I had to cancel out the last minute for family reasons, the chap I was going with did it anyway and it took him 13 hours I beleive. I'm now considering the BHF sponsered randonee at the end of July, fingers crossed.
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