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Cycle2Work with Halfords 'Special Order'

donnie murdodonnie murdo Posts: 986
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I wonder if anyone can help. I am just getting my head round this scheme.


My company will be running this for one month starting on Monday. I think I will take advantage of it. It says on the intranet that it is through Halfords. I see on the Halfords website that they can caryy out a special order. As I do not want any bikes that Halfords currently sell this would be my only option. Has anyone any experience of getting Halfords to order another make of bike in especially for them? If so how did it work out?



  • Jay dubbleUJay dubbleU Posts: 3,197
    Got my Giant through Halfords (Bikehut) no probs - delivery time was about three weeks
  • donnie murdodonnie murdo Posts: 986
    Cool thanks,

    Looking at a Lapierre road bike for going to work on.

    I will see how it pans out.
  • It's really simple Donnie. Just give Halfords' Customer Services a call and tell them the bike you want (inc. size, price, colour etc) and they will tell you if they can get it. I am getting a Specialized Myka organised for my missus and they couldn't be more helpful.
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