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noisy hub

davecooperdavecooper Posts: 290
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I have had my 105/Open Pro combination for around a year but as they are on my summer bike, they have only done a few hundred miiles. I have just become aware of ticking noises coming from the rear hub when the wheel is spun at speed. It can be heard clearly around the rear brake area as I imagine it is being transmitted up the dropouts from the hub. It is not noticable when the wheel is spun more slowly. Although I have just noticed it, it could have been there from new.
My question is, is this something that should be investigated or is it normal for elatively new hubs?


  • davecooperdavecooper Posts: 290
    Further to above, it is there at slow revs also and is not regular but a random continuous clicking. The front hub is smooth and noise free.
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