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Skipping drive casued by stiff link?

cleeve hill rejectcleeve hill reject Posts: 426
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Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this happening. The drive is skipping on my bike and it's not a problem with the cassette/hub - I've put a different set of wheels in and it still happens. I've found a stiff link in the chain that is in the area of the cassette every time the drive skips, could it be this link not meshing with the teeth on the cassette causing the whole system to jump a link? I wanted to check the theory on here before I go to the LBS and potentially get laughed at! In a friendly way of course!



  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,920
    Before uyou go down LBS you can loosen the link off by twisting it. Grab either side of the stiff link with a pair of pliers or similar and twist slightly.
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