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Adjusting Road Bike to Touring Bike or Triathlon Bike

jimcameronjimcameron Posts: 199
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Hey guys,

II have two road bikes. One that i use for commuting and touring (and i guess training). The other I use for Triathlons.

I would like some advice on how to adjust a road bike to make it more adapted to touring or triathlon.

So basically what i'm after is should a bring the seat forward/backward? Should i raise/lower the stem? Should i increase decrease the stem length?.For both a touring style position and for a triathlon/tt position.



  • jimcameronjimcameron Posts: 199
    Does nobody know?
  • jimcameronjimcameron Posts: 199
    Ok just the Triathlon one then?
  • Mister WMister W Posts: 853
    The convention is that a touring bike has a more relaxed seat post angle and higher bars than a road bike. A tri or TT bike will have a steeper seat post ange and lower bars. They generally also have a shorter reach. If you want a more relaxed position move your seat back. If you want steeper position then move it forwards.
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