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changing a chainset

ctrl+cctrl+c Posts: 2
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chaps.. i'm attempting to change a campag chainset (veloce 2008) over to a Fulcrum racing one. What tools do i need in order to do this?

thanks in advance..


  • Mister WMister W Posts: 853
    I'm guessing you've got an external BB with that age of chainset............ if not then pleased ignore what I'm about to say :)

    To remove the campag chainset you need a Campag Ultratroque crankset tool (UT-BB110). This is a very long allen key that will allow you to remove the bolt in the middle of the cranks. You'll also need a BB tool to remove the bearing shells. I have a Pedro tool for this but there are a bunch of different ones available. Mine looks like a large socket.

    I have a feeling the Fulcrum crankset fits in exactly the same way as the Campag one so the same tools will be required to fit it. You may even be able to use the Campag BB shells, so you wouldn't need the BB tool.
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