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Converting from Triple to Compact

WamasWamas Posts: 256
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I have a Sora triple crankset and front mech, with Sora STI shifters and a Tiagra long cage rear mech. (9-speed 2008 models)

I am looking to convert to a compact (probably Ultegra SL, either new or second hand).
I have read that a 10 speed crankset doesn't give any problems with a 9 speed chain etc.

Are their any issues with using a long rear mech with a compact?
Any other issues to look out for in this conversion?



  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    some comments:

    10spd c/set is fine with 9spd everything else, as you suggest
    the new c/set will need BB cups, so think about frame facing
    a double front mech may well shift better than the triple, but you could suck-it-and-see on this
    rear mech will be fine, just check chain length
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  • WamasWamas Posts: 256
    Thanks for the advice Maddog.
  • jxohnjxohn Posts: 38
    You can use your front mech on the double compact you just ned to lower the mech after changing to the compact. You may have to alter your chain length too ie shorten it for the compact.
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