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Shoulder pain

stuart_c-2stuart_c-2 Posts: 805
Hi all,

Have recently started riding again after a long break to try and get back in shape (I know, round is a shape). What I’ve noticed is that if I’m on the bike for an hour or more, my shoulders ache after the ride and the next day. The pain is in my collar bone at the front and in the same place at the back.

Could this be riding position causing this, or is it just purely that I’m a chubber and I need to get used to it? (Hands also feel a bit sore, but hoping some gloves will help this)

I’m using my old bike (a full rigid) that I got years ago. It fitted me ok back then and I don’t think I have grown since I got it. I moved the saddle up about half an inch yesterday which seemed to help my legs on climbs. My bike has straight bars and I see these days bikes mainly come with riser bars, could this be an issue by being hunched over too far?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

"I ride to eat"


  • WoodywmbWoodywmb Posts: 888
    Old bike. Rigid front. Tense arms. Lack of experience. Sore shoulders. It all adds up.
    The solution is straightforward.
    Get new bike. With suspension forks. Relax and bend your arms. Keep at it.
  • Nik_BNik_B Posts: 270
    Position could be wrong, maybe you're riding hunched up. Pain in hands and shoulders might indicate a death grip or tense riding possition.

    Try periodically loosening your shouldsers and open your hands up a bit so you're fingers aren't tight round the grips.
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